Forgety Family: Our First Number

By: Khylee Forgety


(Back in September, but life has been crazy with the two extras at our house,
so thanks for the grace and prayer)

This is a big step forward for our adoption process and we couldn’t be more happy to finally be at this point.  But what does it mean?

In Honduras, the process for getting a referral is a little bit different than other countries.  Everyone that is adopting from the country gets put on ONE BIG list.  We are #81 on that list to get a referral for a child.  As families lower on the list are assigned a referral than our number will drop.  It could drop one, two, or five numbers or not drop at all. 

So now we wait.  Wait for that number to get lower and lower. 

Thankfully, we have TWO little rugrats at the house keeping us busy by teaching us how to kiss boo-boos, play dress-up and horsey, fix kid friendly meals, and how to be a parent.


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