Where have we been? (The Folsoms)

By: Courtney

Update… A long (really long) time coming,

Four long months of silence…
An update is LONG overdue.
I have had several people approach me and ask me about the blog, so I decided I must carve out time and update you all! I am actually only getting the time to do this now because I have been sick with the flu and my mother-in-law is fabulous and is entertaining our kiddos.

Are you wondering what you have missed?
No, we have not brought home our little one from Ghana.
However, we have had 2 children in our home for the last 4 months. (Hence the cyber absence…)
I TOTALLY should have blogged about our experience over the last 4 months. It probably would have been therapeutic (which I cannot lie I probably needed some therapy every now in then in those months).

Matt and I went from family of 2, into overnight an instant family of 4.
No lie.

In our new life thrust into parenthood, time has flown by.

The last 4 months have been a whirlwind of:
morning hustle & bustle
sporting events
soccer in the yard
clothes shopping
grocery shopping (x50!!!!!!!!!)
reading books
temper tantrums (both mine and the children)
lots of “firsts” and learning new things

Now why didn’t I blog in all my free time?
That’s right! I was trying to find time to bathe MYSELF and sleep every now and then. (I SALUTE SINGLE MOTHERS! THIS JOB IS HARD ENOUGH WITH 2 OF US!)

There was an obvious and LARGE learning curve. Yet, there were maternal/paternal instincts that take over that you never knew existed.

We are learning to:
cook kid friendly meals
stop dreaming of a clean house
give the right amount of love and discipline
navigate 2 opposite ends of the spectrum of discipline with a preschooler & a teenager
throw away the idea of the way you always thought things would be
make time for US together as a married couple
seek God’s grace daily (understatement of the year)

I so badly want to share the plethora of things the Lord has been showing me through this process. But those will probably be 30 different blogs. WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much to fit here.

So where have we been?
In the trenches, living life, trying to figure it all out.

Updates on the adoption coming soon...


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