So Close....

By: The Folsoms

We are SO close!
Please lift this handsome young man up in your prayers tonight.
Pray that the Lord will be preparing his heart,
our hearts, and the hearts of our other children.

We are waiting on the US Embassy to approve us.

We are so close!

PRAY for clearance so we can get this baby home ASAP!



By the Folsoms:

With just a one week notice - we jumped on a plane to Ethiopia to FINALLY see our SON!
There were feelings of excitement, nervousness, and even fear. The trip was a whirlwind! 

Many of our pictures we cannot show because they include other children.
So here are a few....


First stop on our trip was Dubai. We stayed there overnight to save us a
couple of thousand dollars on flights.

There we saw: The world's tallest building, a building that had a tennis court on top,
the world's largest mall.... 
Nice EVERYTHING. The airport looked like Las Vegas. It was unbelievable.

My beautiful hunk of a man. ;)

Matt can make friends with ANYONE - ANYWHERE.

Matt playing soccer with our son- Yabsira.

This is scaffolding.... say what?!?!

The pictures below are of some AMAZING families that God placed in our lives while in Ethiopia. (Have I mentioned how awesome God is??!??!)
WHAT A BLESSING these families were to us! 

We LOVED Ethiopia.

The streets were alive! The culture is beautiful. Coffee is everywhere. There is no such thing as late. (Which I happen to love!)

The people were beautiful. LIKE FOR REAL! Matt & I said we should open up a modeling agency & start scouting there. Every single day when we walked down the road we saw someone that looked like a model. WHOA. It's insane!

Speaking of insane.... Traffic like I have never seen! Our daily ventures out in a van were both terrifying and mesmerizing. I loved seeing the people, the businesses, the landscapes, the culture as we dodged in & out of traffic daily.

Ethiopians are entrepreneurs! There are businesses and people doing business everywhere. You can buy a soccer ball at a stand that is next to a stand where you can buy clothes that is next to a stand where you can get your shoes shined that is next to a stand where you can buy a goat. You could find coffee on pretty much any street. (which I also loved!)

I loved, loved, LOVED the food. That is one thing that I cannot wait for when we return. (and I am going to attempt to cook some of these dishes!)  Our (AMAZING) guide took us to an authentic Ethiopian family restaurant with live music & dancing while we were there. It is something that I will never forget! (should I post the video of them getting Matt up & trying to get him to dance!???!)

OH MY. My mouth is watering just by looking at this picture. SO GOOD.

Matt feeding me the first bite is supposed to symbolize that he is saying he promises to take care of me. (by Ethiopian tradition) 

These were just after we passed court & Yabsira officially became OUR SON!

So now that we are home, I have answered this questions
19 billion times....
"Where is he?!?"
Well, right now we are waiting on the US Embassy to clear us. We should be returning to Ethiopia sometime in August to bring our boy HOME!


*When we return to Ethiopia we are wanting to take back a few suitcases filled with donations for the orphanage where Yabsira has lived. We are asking for your help!
Next time you run to Walmart pick up ONE extra item. Yeah - just ONE! That's all it takes to HELP & make a difference!
Children's medicines, hygiene items, croc shoes, baby items, first aid items, baby wipes....
If you are interested in making a donation let me know. I can get you a list of items needed.




I cannot believe it!


I cannot believe it!


-Matt & Courtney


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