Sleep Deprived Spiritual High

By: Courtney

I just got back from Falls Creek where I spent the last week as a sponsor for our church's junior high students.

The beginning of camp is always so exciting.  What will the week hold?? Spirits are high. Everyone is so cheerful and excited. And you are willing to take part in the fun, silly, outrageous stuff like this....

Love these girls! They are rockin the "Neon Night" theme.

Yet, with camp, it never fails. By the end of these week you end up like this...
I cannot lie - at 9pm on Thursday evening (even after drinking a coke) I was bartering whatever I had on me for a cup of coffee!

I feel like that as the adult at camp we often ask the students what they learned but we don't ask that of ourselves. I honestly feel like the Lord speaks to the adults just as much as he does the actual campers. (at least I know he did with me!) But I think we can often miss it. We focus on the students (whether it be their involvement, discipline, or even their spiritual or physical well being) but don't take the time to hear God and see what He is trying to say to US.

How could you not hear from God while at Falls Creek? You wake up, have a quiet time, praise & worship, hear a biblical lesson, discuss with a small group, praise & worship again, hear an amazing speaker/preacher, praise & worship again, and discuss with a small group. Your day is (or at least should be) focused on  GOD!

This week the Lord showed me a few things.

1. He is POWERFUL.
Like really, really, really beyond my comprehension, holds the universe in His hands, knows how many hairs are on my head, we will never even come close to understanding even an ounce of His power - -POWERFUL.

2. He wants everyday to be missional - not just while at camp.
Why do we feel like we have to wait until we are at church, gone to camp, or on a missions trip to share Christ? If we truly love Christ it should spill out of lips everyday. Our lives should shout His glory.

3. When it is all said and done I will answer to God and NO ONE ELSE.
It doesn't matter what others think, what others say, if others disagree with me, if I don't please every single person I come in contact with (I might have a tiny issue in this area).

These girls were so great! It truly blessed my heart to see the Lord speaking to them and moving in the hearts and lives.
I'm so sad Emily Estes was sick and missed out on our group photo! :(   Emily rocks!


One Step Closer

By: Khylee
Photo By: Courtney Folsom Photography

Well we received some awesome, stupendous, triple fist pump kinda news here in Forgety household.  Our dossier was translated and officially submitted to the INHFA committee for approval on June 8th, 2012! 

Praise the Lord! Halleljuah!

Translation- all we are waiting on now is for this committee to approve our dossier and then we will be assigned our waitlist number!

It could be this month, it could be next month, it could be the September.  But once we are on that blessed waitlist we will finally start the “official” wait for our children.  (Yes, that’s right, we haven’t even started our 2-4 year estimated wait-time that our agency gave.)

So, please be praying this month that our documents won’t be expired,  that the committee will meet, and that we get approved and assigned a number!


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